Welcome to Strings Attached Ministries

Is your women’s ministry falling a bit flat? Are you meeting regularly with your ladies, but not quite getting members to “plug in” to your ministry? Are you looking for a fun way to bring your ladies together, learn more about each other, and create opportunities for deeper fellowship with each other and with God?

From one heart to another, relationships are deepened by simple "me, too"

Strings Attached Ministries focus on bringing women’s groups into closer fellowship with  one another.  We believe that the health of a women’s ministry is the thermometer for the health of the entire congregation.  The question is….what  is your women’s ministry saying about your church?

At Strings Attached, we provide resources to enable your women’s ministry to come together in way that is fun, interactive and uplifting.  From facilitated retreats to event planning resources, Strings Attached has everything you need to make your next women’s ministry event an amazing one!

Learning to put all the pieces together..

Creating connections through laughter

If you are looking for a fun and fabulous team building event that will rebuild connections and deepen friendships, Strings Attached events are just the thing you have been searching for.

For more information about Strings Attached offerings, click here to contact us.