I’m So Excited! (Holley Gerth’s new book and a giveaway!)

Oh! I am so excited! My friend, Holley, has published her new book and I simply can’t wait to get my hands on a copy! You can pre-order your copy here (Release date is  Sept 1, 2011) OR go to her blog to learn about an awesome giveaway!

So often, I feel like Holley  has peeked into my mind and is writing all the thoughts I was afraid to put on paper. Many times, she has provided through her blog the absolute perfect encouragement at the perfect time. She consistently speaks God’s word to us in an encouraging and uplifting way.

Here’s how she describes her new book:

Turn on the television. Spend time on the Internet. Take a walk through your local mall. Everywhere we go there are messages about who we are and who we’re supposed to be.

And yet in the middle of it all, one voice is quietly calling to our hearts.

It’s the voice of the One Who Loves Us.

He whispers…

“You’re wanted. You matter. You’re wonderfully made.”

In our noisy world, our busy lives, those words that express God’s heart for you can get lost. This book is an invitation to find them again.

I can’t wait to get my copy!