Grace, Hope and Lots of Love….

I got it in the mail today…the third this month….a life preserver for my soul.

Not that life has been particularly rough,

Or rocky,

Or even that hard…but it has been, well…


And just when spiritual weariness is about to overtake me, someone sends an envelope full of love….

Not cause someone died, or married or grew one more year….but because someone cares.

On the front of the super cute little organizer Dayspring sent me when I volunteered to receive beautiful cards and send them out as encouragement to others is the scripture from Genesis 12:2, “I will bless you and you will be a blessing.” Oh how those words ring true as I write this.

I was going to write about how wonderful it felt to share these cards with others. (And it did.) I was going to write about how awesome it was that Dayspring sent me these beautiful cards for free (and it was.)  I was all set to write the review about these beautiful images and the card stock quality and how well all the envelopes fit (and they do)…

But then last week, it came…this beautiful card encouraging us to “Play on.” A moment of acknowledgement of purpose in a time where I felt adrift.  Perfect timing.  And I was buoyed.

Then yesterday, my eight year old daughter got a card of encouragement (she got braces put on last week) in the mail…a silly little frog with braces on the front and on the inside written in the hand of her friend : “ Sticks and stones, break my bones (but not my teeth). FYI: you look cool with braces even though I can not see you!” My Lizzy teared up at the sight of it and smiled bright at the thought.

And today, when dinner wasn’t ready yet, and homework was being fought over, and the dog wouldn’t stay out of the trash can…in that moment, came the card that I’ve sent out three times this month…a message that I love….one I so needed to hear today. I was undone and pieced together in the reading of that card.

I received beautiful cards to share with my friends and family, and I have truly enjoyed sharing these cards, but in the process, I received so much more…God’s promise printed on the card organizer is so true: “I will bless you and you will be a blessing.”

You could be an encouragement to someone today….drop them a line…one written with ink or pencil or crayon…take a few minutes to find a stamp (or two…postage went up again this week) and throw a life preserver out…you never know who you might save from drowning.

National Day of Encouragement

Last week, the awesome ladies at (In)Courage sent me a pack of the BEST CARDS EVER and all they asked in return was for me to use one of these cards to encourage someone else and then post about it.  Well, I hope that the card I sent encouraged, it was my favorite of the pack, and when I saw it, I immediately thought of her.

“Not everyone can do what you can do.

Not everyone can handle things the way you can.

While you wonder sometimes if you’re doing ok…

the rest of us are just watching in


I sent this card to my sister (I hope I don’t ruin any surprises)…when I saw it, I just thought of her and all the struggles that she and her new family are working to overcome.

But I see her. I see her brave face in the midst of difficult situations. I see her “mama bear” instinct fight for her new children. I see her tirelessly support her new husband. And I see her love….wow, do I see her love.  It’s awe-inspiring, really…

But it hasn’t been easy for her….in fact, it’s been hard…really hard…and I see that, too…And I sit in wonder at her calm under fire.

This card was perfect for her…I knew when I saw it who I would send it to.  I filled it full of words of wonder and praise and prayers and sent it away with the hope that for a moment she will see what I see.

Thank you (In)Courage for these beautiful cards!