Expectations Can Get You Lost

“It’s A-L-M-O-O Street .”

“Got it, Alamo St.”

“No…No…Al-moo…you know, moo like a cow.”

“Oh, ok. I’ve got it Alamo. Thanks.”


That’s a package that’s not likely to make it here.

Don’t we do this all the time? We form an expectation in  our heads about the way something should be and it doesn’t matter what anyone else says (even God) our brains make it true.

Take our street name, for example. I’ve had knock-down-drag-out arguments with people over the spelling.  People think, “She MUST be mistaken! Who would name a street after the sound a cow makes? It’s got to be Alamo! That’s what makes sense!”  (For the record, I have no idea why they named the street what they did…but I did have cows eat my grass once when we first moved in…maybe it is an accurate title after all.)

You know, God asks us to do stuff that doesn’t make sense all the time.  It’s my challenge (is it yours too?) to keep my expectations out of it and simply obey.  This skill is so important to ending up in the right place, and frankly, I think it’s why there are so many wandering Christians in the world.

We have to learn not to impose our own expectations and beliefs about the world on God’s call for our lives, otherwise we will end up lost and and at the wrong address.

What about you? Do you ever allow an expectation to lead you in the wrong direction?