God’s Promises Everywhere

“Look at the bathroom lights, Mom! There are rainbows everywhere!”

She gazes up at the light sporting cardboard glasses from a Mad Science camp that look like a cross between old school 3-D glasses and those cooky looking shades you get when the optometrist dilates your eyes.They’re refracting glasses and they break the light into millions of tiny rainbows.  She rocks her head from shoulder to shoulder and giggles with glee as the rainbows dance through the room.

“Mom, I never knew there were rainbows everywhere! They were here all along! I just had to look through the right glasses!”

Like my promisesGod whispers. Revelation sweeps over me and sucks the air from my lungs.

Oh! How I’ve forgotten.  Forgotten to live my life seeing the rainbows everywhere. Forgotten how God’s promises sparkle on the walls of my home, and dance through the air of my church, and surround my children’s heads like halos.

‘Cause they are, you know?  Everywhere- it’s just a matter of taking off my worldy human glasses and putting on my God lenses.

I’m sorry, Lord. Sorry for overlooking the promises you’ve fulfilled all around me.  Sorry for not believing in Your plan and your promise to prosper me. Sorry for putting on the world’s glasses and seeing this life as something not steeped in  Your light. I’m sorry for forgetting about the rainbows, Lord. Thanks for the reminder.


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In God’s Heart I am….Blessed

Each Tuesday for the next several weeks my friend, Holley Gerth, is inviting us to share with her the answer to the statement “In God’s Heart I am….” Today’s word is BLESSED. 

I could write for days on the blessings God showers on me, but I have been trying something a little different with these prompts. Instead of writing a new post each week, I am resurrecting an old post.  What’s been awesome about this exercise is the opportunity to go back and see growth (both in my writing and my faith) and to also see each of these posts as a kind ‘eucharisteo’ in its own right.  It has been a wonderful journey thus far, and tonight is no different.

I went WAY back to 2007 for tonight’s post.  It is one of my very first blog posts, back in the day when I still thought myspace was cool. 🙂 It chronicles the story of our first trip to the hospital with our son. It was a turning point in our lives.  A great blessing in disguise…without this trip we might have taken years to figure out that he was actually suffering from a rare allergic disorder called Eosiniphilic Esophagitis. The day I wrote this I was grateful for so many blessings–it is only now though that I can see truly what I blessing experience was. Enjoy…

Thank You for the Morning Glories


Have you ever tried to get rid of a morning glory?  It is not easy.  Just when you think that you have weeded them out, here sprouts a new one, weaving its vines all over your favorite Hibiscus bush  and letting you know just how not in control of your environment you are.

Life is like that too, isn’t it?  There are just some things in life that keep coming back to you until you finally stop fighting them and embrace them.  Sometimes, you have to stop trying to weed out the things you don’t want to be there and be thankful for the experiences.

Take this week for example.  Tuesday morning, my son woke up about4:30 amthrowing up.  I thought, “great…stomach virus…not what I need today.”  I was scheduled to teach dissection to the 5-8th graders at his school at 1, Charlie was on pager, work was piled high on my desk and I had just come back from a three day trip with the kids out of town.  What I did not need was a sick child to try to work around.  So, as I am running around, trying to come up with some antidote to his illness, trying to work out in my mind some way to get it all done, Xander goes running past me to the bathroom again, and again…and again….by the fourth trip to the bathroom in less than an hour, all that worrying about how I was going to fit everything else into my day was replaced with how do I keep fluids down my son.  By7 am, I had passed worry and anxiety to plain ole scared.  By 830, we were at the doctor’s (still vomiting every 15 min, and at this point having to be wheeled around in a wheelchair because he was too weak to walk).   By 915, we were admitted to the hospital with no idea what was wrong.  After a night in the hospital on IV fluids, Xander is doing much better, but we are still home from school.

I guess the point is, I did not want this little trip to the hospital or the 4 days off work, or the 4 days stuck at home, inside with a stir crazy boy and an even more stir crazy me.  But it has made me slow down and appreciate some things a little more.  I am really thankful for my son and his improved health. I am thankful for our health insurance (even though I am always complaining about how crappy it is). I am thankful for our house (even thought right now I feel trapped inside it).  I am thankful for my job that keeps me from being trapped inside the house (even though I have been complaining about never having enough time). But, I am especially thankful for the morning glories that greeted me and my son with their unassuming blue smiles when we came home from the hospital (even though they are climbing all over my hibiscus and petunias)…..

Alexander said, “Mom, look God made these new flowers grow here.  I like them, they are my favorite color. Aren’t they pretty?”

Thank You, God, for those morning glories!  I think they may just be my new favorite flower.