"A cord of three strands is not quickly broken" Ecc 4:12

What people are saying about Cari Kaufman and  Strings Attached Retreats:

Do you remember the last time you laughed so hard it hurt?  Do you remember when you found out something significant that happened in the life of a long-term friend that you never knew about?  Last month, we had our first Strings Attached weekend.  And both of those things happened – not just for me, but for most of the ladies who were able to attend.

Studies have shown that women’s ministry really impacts the effective ministries in the church.  The standard the leaders have set is the level that the followers in the church will be able to rise to.  If your women’s ministry leadership demonstrates openness, then the women will be more likely to be open.  Jesus, the ultimate servant leader, lived life with vulnerability and transparency – qualities that need to be present in the life of each leader in every church.

The Strings Attached weekend helped us to make connections to the other ladies in an incredible way.  There were fun activities where we were holding our sides because we were laughing so hard.  Some activities were informational – questions of all of us to find out common experiences.  There were also some activities that touched our heart at a very deep level – requiring us to pull back curtains in our lives that covered events that were some of our own lifes’ defining moments.

We as leadership can be so much more effective if we allow God to open up our lives to those we work alongside with.  As we begin to share our stories, God will be able to minister in a way that goes above and beyond us.  In the midst of the tears we shared, there was healing going on, hearts touched, and steps taken to become more of what God wants to do in and through us.

Are you ready to open places in your life to the healing touch of gentle hands, so that your own hands can then gently apply a balm of healing to those you minister to?   This weekend will assist you in the ministry God has given you in the lives of other women around you. ”  – Marilyn Hodgin, Immanuel Baptist Church, Rogers, Arkansas

“Great interaction! Cari’s love of Jesus is endless!”

Awesome! Everything that was said and done was touching and memorable. The way Cari presented herself and her ideas and topics were amazing!” – K. Ferguson –  Burtonsville, MD

“Cari is loving, open and down to earth. She makes  you feel very at ease. She truly has a passion to use her personal experiences and areas of expertise to help women grow.”