The pages are still blank…

This place has long been a home for my ministry, but that season has drawn to a close (at least for now).  For over a decade, this little corner of the interwebs held space for those seeking to learn more about God and their identity in Him.

Now it holds space for words.  Some not yet written and still invisible. Some written years ago by an inspired young woman longing to make a difference in other’s lives.

So, instead, this little blog will remain here, but new and transformed, in a way that reflects my ever changing world and life. Feel free to sit a spell and read my every-now-and-again meanderings.

If you are looking for Strings Attached Ministries, alas, it no longer exists.  But the woman behind it is still here.  She answers a question or two in her free time, so don’t hesitate to ask. 

One thought on “The pages are still blank…

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