My favorite fruit…

Coronavirus Survivor’s Log- Day 28

Sorry about the slow down in the writing frequency…it seems that just like anything else in life- it takes 21 days of consistency to make a habit and exactly 2.3 seconds to break it. Then you got to start all over again….

And all that said, this writing prompt is a way to keep my mind active, and while I love the interaction that I get from those of you who send messages or like the post, I am trying very hard not to turn this into a performance of striving to make everyone else happy. This is about writing…for me…and bringing you along for the journey, so please don’t hate me if I am less than consistent at times. 🙂

Today’s writing prompt is an interesting one…so I thought I would play around with it a bit…here you go:

Make a case for your favorite fruit. Write for ten minutes. Go!

Photo by Maria Lindsey Multimedia Creator on

My current favorite fruit is the Honeycrisp Apple. I mean that’s today and truthfully has something to do in large part to the fact that it is the single. best. vehicle for peanut butter….ever. It’s sweet, juicy crispness is just right for dipping into a big smear of creamy peanut butter. It’s a bit too sweet on it’s own to eat with caramel, I much prefer the bite of a Granny Smith for that, but otherwise simply the perfect apple.

Delicious on it’s own too. Juicy and smooth, but crisp and sweet, it’s flesh is just the perfect consistency. It doesn’t break up or get stringy and caught in your teeth and the skin is not mushy but not too tough either.

Definitely my favorite fruit…today. Of course yesterday I would have told you it was the baby clementine I ate that was tangy and so full of life it squirted all over the kitchen when I bit in…Or the day before that when I had a love affair with these beautiful blackberries. Maybe the day before that when I ate so much fresh pineapple my lips turned red and stung from the acid of them. Maybe I just love the bounty of sweetness that comes from the earth and the truth is I am fickle fruit lover and can’t choose. But as I sit here with my plate full of peanut butter and my last Honeycrisp Apple and tell my husband that a trip to the store is in order because it’s the last one (nevermind he went two days ago for his weekly stock up), maybe today, the Honeycrisp wins out.

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