Coronavirus Survivor’s Log- Day 5

Today’s been long day. Partly because I stayed up too late binge watching crap television, partly because I knew I should be enjoying the sunshine, but couldn’t bring myself to make it outside until almost evening. Partly because I’ve a lot to think about this weekend and I’m wrestling with that when what I really want to do is hug my friends, have coffee and chill on the patio. This wasn’t my best writing. I’ve struggled with the prompt all day honestly, but it is real…so here ya go.

Today’s writing prompt is Fences. Write for 10 minutes.

I’ve never been any good at fences. Boundaries are so hard for me to maintain. I’ve been blessed in the last couple of years to find folks in my life that care enough about me to not only honor the fences I build, but to help me keep them in place. But now, I am faced with a situation that feels so much like a time when I let someone else tear down every fence I built. Without those boundaries, my life was formless. A destructive ooze of lies, and what ifs and someone else’s dreams filled my hours and sucked away all the life. I can’t choose that life again…no matter how promising the offer. But to choose my fences, is to choose life. Is to choose to honor the boundaries that keep my heart safe and stable…is to choose to value the ones in my world who have taught me to care enough about me to hold the lines that circle my world. It is to choose to value me. It’s not an easy decision to hold my fence line…and it is not without consequence, but it is the right one.

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