Because sometimes someone else says it better….

I have to admit- I didn’t have a post ready for today.  I spent the weekend in Dallas at a basketball tourney for the kids full of precious times and well, now I am a bit under the weather and just don’t have the bandwidth to think through a post….

and then this from my sister from the other side of the globe.

She is off living the adventure of a lifetime while she and her family adopt a young boy with special needs from the Ukraine.  There have been many crazy adventures along the way…adventures that we have watched from afar through her blog.

We’ve fallen in love with a sweet boy with dimples.

We’ve gnawed at nails waiting for appointments.

We’ve kneeled before God when their hotel caught on fire.

We’ve watched this family…we’ve watched my sister rise up and be the hands and feet of Christ…

And then today, she writes this…and I was undone…Maybe you will be too….will you go over and read it with me? And then perhaps leave her some love please?


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