Re-Mix: In the Wake of Isaac

As Hurricane Isaac bears down on us, I am reminded of a guest post my dear friend Marilyn wrote for me…

Clamoring to be Visible

I’m so excited to share this guest post with you.  My dear friend, Marilyn Hodgin, is half way through a two year commitment to teach English in Taiwan.  She was back in the states recently and we shared lunch. But, OH! It was so much more than lunch! Marilyn shared this poem she wrote when a typhoon hit during her first assignment to Taiwan three years ago.  I asked her to let me share it with you…and guess what? She said yes! I hope that it blesses you as it blesses me….

My favorite line? “The birds are STILL singing!” (my emphasis)…enjoy!

In the Midst of the Storm
The typhoon came – it was expected.
With it came the winds and rain
Unparalleled in its force and magnitude
Leaving destruction in its wake.


Sitting in the safety of my room
Writing my thoughts and observations
As the storm raged…

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