Five Minute Friday (on Saturday…Again:)- Relevant

Oh, “Five Minute Friday!” How I’ve missed you! Seems hard to believe, but lately I don’t even feel like I’ve had five minutes to participate….a sad, sad story I tell….and well, just know…I’m working on it…and God is too.

So, flex your fingers, and let’s play Five Minute Friday.

Where we throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. Without wondering if it’s just right or not.

For five minutes flat. Then link up here

Today’s prompt is:  Relevant.

Disclaimer: Ok…I admit it…1) it’s Saturday and 2) this actually took like 12 minutes to write- but there are quotes and links and other fun stuff in there! Forgive me? 🙂

Ready? GO!

I am scared of what God is asking me to do.  For a couple of years now, God has seeded in me the desire to lead a women’s conference in conjunction with a Pastor’s conference my church helps support in Northern India.  For a couple of years the excuse I used was “I am not sure how my ministry will be culturally relevant. What will I speak on?”

My pastor (who teaches at the conference each year) has done his best to allay my fears. The conference coordinator has met my ideas with excitement and enthusiasm.  Still, the question has batted around in my brain…paralyzing my efforts to coordinate such an endeavor.

And then my friend, Geof Kimber came to lead worship at our church for a weekend conference.  We traded books, my Living Life with Strings Attached on godly relationships for his Fruits and Roots on worship.

I was 22 pages in when Geof rocked my world with this statement:

“God’s Word overrides culture. We are certainly to be effective in reaching people of other cultures; nevertheless our calling to that end is not to mold the Word of God to our various cultures, but to mold our cultures to the Word of God.

The notion that we are relevant to our own culture, but irrelevant to others, is still missing the point….Being irrelevant to other cultures is simply evidence that our own cultural views have so shaped our understanding of Scripture, that they are engrained into the way we apply them.”


Geof just performed the writer’s equivalent of a 2 x 4 to the head….It stung a little at first (who am I kidding, it stung a lot), but I was heartened by his words. I don’t need to make myself cultural….I just need to teach the Truth. Which is exactly what Geof says the answer is (and he should know, he travels the world leading worship and walking his talk…you should check him out…he’s amazing!)

He says:

“The solution to ministering effectively in a cross cultural setting, is proper exegesis of what the Word of God actually teaches, so that the Scriptures will shape the way we understand our cultures, not the other way around.”

This is exactly what I needed to understand.

I’m still scared. I still  have questions. But I am moving forward anyway.  Plans are in the works for a 2012 Women’s conference.  I will need your help…with prayers, with funding, with encouragement…but I know you will come through!


If you want information about the 2020 Conference, check out TellAsia’s website here. And if you would like to donate to this year’s pastor’s conference you can do so through the donate button below.  Our hopes are to send 1,000 native pastors to this four day training conference this year.  It cost just $40 to pay for their food, lodging and supplies why they are at the conference….$40 will help train a pastor to lead a church….pure awesomeness! We need your help!

Donate today to help train pastors in India!

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