Five Minute Friday- In Real Life

Photo by Melton Microfilms

Flex your fingers, and let’s play Five Minute Friday.

Where we throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. Without wondering if it’s just right or not.

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Today’s prompt is:  In Real Life… ready? GO!


Photo by Melton Microfilm

In real life I am writing this “friday” post on Saturday because I didn’t quite make it to this item on my ‘to-do’ list.  Buried behind ‘do laundry’ and ‘and mail sales tax paperwork’ was this five minute breath of life that I look forward to, that I love so much.

Number 14 on my list of things to do in the six hours while my children were away at school yesterday.  Number 14 after ‘take Lucy to the vet’ and ‘go to bank.’ And I didn’t get there….not even close….I got to number 6.  Not too bad given the day and the way it played out, but here’s the thing…in real life, I didn’t get to the “LIFE”.

Why do I do that? Why do I set parameters on the life-giving things that I do? Why do they need to be rewards at the bottom of my list only to obtained when I do something really special, something really miraculous…I feel like it’s one of the dog treats we have for our dog, Lucy. Sitting up on the shelf for her to look at and pine after, but only really coming down for very special occasions.

God has blessed me with such beautiful life-giving gifts, and he wants me to have them.  It’s not God who puts ‘Five Minute Friday’ at the bottom of the list, it’s me. No, see God created (through Lisa Jo) a space for a little Sabbath every week.  A little place to create and then sit back and say, “It is good.”

But in real life, for all my trying and striving to get this REST and SABBATh thing nailed down, I still don’t understand it fully. I still don’t embrace it fully.  And Five Minute Friday stays down there on the list…waiting for me to get to a place where I take five minutes to breathe regardless of the rest of the list that awaits.

So I guess in real life, for all my talk about peace and rest and Sabbath, I still struggle to find it consistently.  I still have to fight for it and I still wonder if, in the fighting some of the peace and rest and sabbath is lost.  And in real life, that troubles me.

So today is not Friday…in real life it’s Saturday…and today, I moved the “Life” to the top of the list and the “Stuff to do” to the bottom…maybe I will mix them together and make a kind of rainbow sherbet from them….and finally sit back and say, “It is good.”

Photo by Melton Microfilms

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- In Real Life

  1. That’s a really awesome post… so well written and no grammatical errors.. you type FAST!!! And I totally understand the.. “in real life, I didn’t get to the “LIFE” I struggle with that ALL THE TIME..
    I have a little garden that I keep up with to keep me encouraged… In the midst of weeding I realize… this IS the good life…
    Thanks for stopping by and giving me encouragement.

    • Hehe…well, in all honesty it took me 7 minutes (not including uploading pictures)- that’s not cheating too bad right?

      Super huge compliment for me about the grammar. I am a bit of a grammar nerd, but I’m always second guessing myself. With these posts though, I say a little prayer before launching in and remind myself that editing is not allowed. What you see is what I write…but man is that a scary thing..:)

      I love what you said “in the midst of weeding I realize…this IS the good life.” Wise words…thanks for sharing them! And for the encouragement!

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