Five Minute Friday- Rest

We write for five minutes flat on Fridays.

We write bold and beautiful and free. Unscripted and unedited. We just write without worrying if it’s just ‘write’ or not. Won’t you share yours too?

          1. Write for 5 minutes flat – no editing, no over thinking, no backtracking.
          2. Link back


        and invite others to join in.

3. Go a little overboard encouraging the writer who                                          linked up before you.

Today’s prompt is:  Rest. Ready? GO!

As I head into this holiday weekend…this weekend designed specifically for rest, I look around the room and list my to-do’s. I count them up in my head until they begin to swim and shift and get all jumbled. I feel the frustration of working in a place (my home office) where I am constantly confronted by the never-ending list of motherhood. Will I ever get to rest?

And then the thought comes to my writer-mind….but rest is a verb, Cari….a word denoting action. What if rest looks like accepting the to-do list as is? What if rest looks like getting up at 5:30 every morning to exercise before the family wakes and  the to-do’s crowd in? What if rest is climbing Mount Washmore and feeling the satisfaction of KNOWING my kids will have clean underwear all week? What if rest is playing in the floor with the dogs and the munchkins? 

With each inhale of this action verb rest I feel my energy build, I feel my spirits raise. I feel energized and alive and….rested.


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- Rest

    • I know me too…Ask 90% of my friends to describe me and they will say something akin to “busy” or “crazy”…or maybe “crazy busy.” 🙂 I always think of sleep when I think of rest, but then, I feel NOT rested when I just lay around…sometimes your body does need physical rest, but I think it’s so much more than that. God didn’t need physical rest on the seventh day….he chose that day to ENJOY creation…perhaps that is real rest…a day of presence and enjoyment…

  1. Wonderful thoughts on rest! Sometimes I feel that rest does take more action than anything else. Rest in the midst of it all is such a gift, now if I can remember that tomorrow!

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