Five Minute Friday- Older

Flex your fingers, and let’s play Five Minute Friday.

Where we throw caution (editing, revising, and worrying) to the winds and just write. Without wondering if it’s just right or not.

For five minutes flat. Then link up here

Today’s prompt is:  Older… ready? GO!

So, Older- huh?  Man that’s a tough prompt.  Especially today…As the oldest of three sisters and the oldest of all the grandchildren in the family to be older has always held some special punch…as if to be the oldest I was automatically ushered into a secret club full of special surprises just for me.

Older was always special.

But today, I just feel old. 😦 Fatigue plagues my steps and I feel the constant pull of gravity on my shoulders. I feel tired. And weary. And, maybe, dare I admit it- a little sad.  Don’t know why exactly….just am.

Maybe it’s sadness for the woman down the way that’s leaving her chance at love because her new beau doesn’t like her kids. Maybe it’s sadness for a friend who’s lost her father and whose pain I feel each time I hug mine. Maybe it’s sadness for my mentor who’s been caring for her terminally ill mother while trying to hold her ministry together.

Each of these women is older.  In age, yes, but also in spirit and journey for what they have traveled. Maybe older still is special.

Perhaps there really is a secret club after all.


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