Five Minute Friday- Beauty

Flex your fingers, and let’s play Five Minute Friday.

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Today’s prompt is:  Beauty.. ready? GO!

Beauty is God’s promise reminded. God’s promise fulfilled.

I find it interesting the prompt today. Just as I was walking out of my house after having executed the “Honey, here are the kids- I’m leaving for a bit-” hand-off, exhausted and feeling tattered, ready for a little quiet time, just as I am running- no escaping to the adult-ness of a nearby coffee shop not just a little annoyed by the question, “Will you be home to put the kids to bed?” Just then,  God stops me in my tracks.

Out my door, still dripping with a refreshing, heat-busting, life-giving rain shower, was a full rainbow.  Bright in all it’s colors, a second fainter rainbow shimmering just above it.  From end to end you could trace it…almost reach out and touch it.

I paused for a minute, thinking I should continue my escape while before my husband had second thoughts…but then, when was the last time I saw a full rainbow? I ran back in the house and gathered all my family on the front porch…awestruck  silence filled the air for a moment, and then my 9 year old turns to me…”It’s beautiful. It’s God’s promise. Thanks, Mom, for reminding me.”

Beauty is God’s promise reminded…remembered…fulfilled.

"A Full Rainbow" by Dan Bush



4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday- Beauty

  1. What a perfect ending to your post…your whole family standing in awe at the promises of God! I’ve never thought of beauty as a reminder of God’s promises. What a beautiful thought-
    Thanks for sharing.

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