Everyday A Little Sabbath

Save me, O God! For the waters have come up to my neck. I sink in deep mire, where there is no foothold. I have come into deep waters and the flood sweeps over me.” – Psalms 69:1-2

Feeling completely submerged?

I know David was crying about because of his enemies, but this week my enemy is time (or lack of it).  A friend once said to me that I needed to organize my day in such a way that my goals were ‘achievable in the time allotted.’  Wow…have I strayed from that bit of wisdom in these last weeks.

Seems the more I study the Sabbath, the need for soul space and the sacred word ‘no,’ the less likely have I been to attain it.

I also understand now there are seasons God calls us to work, and I believe this is one of them in my life, but I currently feel completely submerged beneath my “to do” list. I feel as if I have “come into the deep waters and the flood sweeps over me.”

Even still, in these super busy hectic days, God has blessed me with sweet moments of respite, beautiful clarity of mind, and boundless joy in the tiny Shabbats he gives me each day.

It leaves me wondering if this discovery of Sabbath in the midst of the crazy chaos of everyday mundane is exactly what he is trying to teach us on this path. To teach us that creating soul-space is less a thing we schedule and more a mindset of seeking the divine in every moment. It’s less about the discipline of  “doing something different” and more the discipline of experiencing life as a constant blessing from my Father.

It still takes practice. Some days it is easier than others to see the divine in a hug that lingers, or the quiet of  a house that missed it’s alarm. Some days it is so easy to get “stuck in the deep mire” of everyday life. Some days it  is natural to see every detail as a blessing, on others it takes specific, disciplined, intention to view life through that lens. Either way, I am learning–slowly–to choose that intention.  Will you join me?

How does God give you Sabbath everyday?

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