Sometimes TV surprises me: Thoughts on “Falling Skies”

“So when you pray, will you ask for a hot bath and some ammo?”

“I don’t think it works that way.”

“What do you mean?”

“When I pray, I don’t ask God to give me things. I ask God what I can give to him.”

Profound stuff from a TNT sci-fi drama about alien invasion and the human struggle for survival starring Noah Wyle. Not that I am promoting the show (which isn’t bad if you like that kind of thing….I do…so I am kind of digging it right now), but the quote shocked me. So much I had to rewind it and listen to it again.

Truth is sometimes found in the oddest of places. Tucked between restaurant commercials and war scenes, was this one little nugget of wisdom that has played through my mind for over a week now.

It made me think about the way I pray.

Shoot….it made me think about the way I do a lot of things.

Is my life lived in a way that reflects God’s Will?

Or is it lived out where His Will and my choices intersect by lucky happenstance?

I hope…nope..I pray that it is the former…I wonder though, if more often than not, it’s the latter.

So today, when I pray…I will pray one thing and one thing only:

Lord, help me be in your will today. Help me live for you today.  Whatever that looks like, Lord, help me. Show me. Guide me.

I wonder how that prayer will change the rest of my comings and goings?

Will you pray it with me?

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