On Planting Seeds…(thanks Miss Holley)

I have been hemming and hawing around what to do today…caught between what I should be doing and what I oughta be doing and what I wanna be doing. Throw in there a little of what God wants me to do and you know what happens?


Yep…nothing….no laundry, no writing, no fun day at the pool with kids and a myriad of other seeds I didn’t plant today.

And then I sat down at my laptop to do more of nothing (read: check Facebook) and found myself reading a couple of blogs that really got me thinking.

The first, Jon Acuff’s blog about blogging, Why People Don’t Read Your Blog,” got all up in my kitchen. The gist? “Why should I loyally read your blog, if you won’t loyally write?” 

Ouch…(ps I haven’t exactly been loyal in the posting here….forgive me?)

And then, while I was still reeling from that stinging blow and already beginning with the excuses as to why I can’t post regularly- which really all come back to the fear that if I write everyday I will stop providing value and hope and start providing mindless drivel.

Then I read this, from my sweet friend Holley Gerth:

I carry them home to my heart and think, “Yes! I will plant my seeds.”

And then life gets busy.

Can anyone relate?

The good news is–it’s not too late.

(You should read the rest of the post here….really you should. )

It’s not too late.

Did you hear that? It’s not too late! Oh, thank you my sweet friend for reminding me that it’s not too late…I needed that gentle heart tug today.

And so here I am, planting a tiny seed. The truth is that somedays I will have deep thoughts to share and sometimes I will have mindless drivel.  I hope that you will bear with the latter. As for my part, I am letting go of my idea of the perfect post and praying that the simple practice of writing daily will bear fruit. This is a start, a small one, but without the starting you can’t be about the finishing can you?

What seed will you plant today?

One thought on “On Planting Seeds…(thanks Miss Holley)

  1. Yay! Love you, friend. Plant those seeds…the ones you already have are blooming into beautiful blessings and I know whatever you do will be the same. XOXO

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