Renouncing My Citizenship

My friend and I were discussing her husband the other day and she made a statement that has haunted my thoughts a lot lately. Her husband was born in one country, and grew up in another country, and so has enjoyed dual citizenship since he was a child.  Recently, he sensed a call to public service in the nation of his birth, and has renounced his dual citizenship.

In the middle of her story, God smacked me witha 2′ x 4′ right between the eyes.

You have been claiming dual citizenship for far too long, He said. It is time to renounce your citizenship in this fallen world and take your rightful place in the Kingdom of God.

Back in my days of practicing Wicca, I would frequent a psychic who consulted “angels” for spiritual guidance. On one visit, she told me something that I was quite taken with at the time.  She said that I was “an ancient alien soul that God had sent to earth to protect mankind.”

What I realize now is that she wasn’t wholly wrong.  I am an alien soul- not in the ET-from-another-planet sense, but in the not-a-resident of this place sense.  I was sent here with a mission from God- to save and protect mankind through the sharing of the gospel and my testimony.  And so were you….

So today, I renounce my citizenship in this world and live fully as a citizen of the Kingdom of God! I am just passing through this place, gathering my brothers and sisters along the way.  Will you come with me?



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