My Favorite Ice Breaker for Women’s Groups

This is really hard.  I feel like I am giving you the Secret Sauce guys, for free.  Without even asking for you to enter your email address (you could be the way…go to the ‘Contact Us’ tab and fill out the form.) All of my internet marketing/social media guru friends are rolling over in their pajamas and squirming in their affiliate webinars right now.  Please forgive me, my ‘gurus’. I am apparently a terrible student. 😉

Back in November, I promised a new direction. I promised to provide the “resources” I say that I offer.  You’ll notice the Resources tab has become more robust- with suggestions of books that have made a difference in my ministry as  well as the opportunity to order Living Life with Strings Attached.  You’ll also notice that I have changed my speaker’s fees.  Please think of me for your next women’s event or conference.  I would love to share this message God has laid on my heart with your group.  But more than that I have been watching. Watching what search words bring you to this site.  Watching where you link from.  Trying to discern what value I can provide to you now.

The overwhelming winner of the top search that brings people here to this site is ” Icebreaker for women’s ministry.” I have tons.  Crazy amounts of them, but I have never shared them with the public as a whole outside of my speaking events.  There is a part of me that is reluctant to share these little nuggets of value, but I have come to realize they were a gift given for me to give away, they are not mine to keep.  So here goes.  Please feel free to use these, to ask questions, to provide comments and otherwise interact with me.  I sometimes wonder if I am alone out here!

Because it is late and I am tired, I am only going to share one Ice Breaker tonight, but know there are more to follow.  This particular exercise is the signature ice breaker at Strings Attached events.  It’s called “Me, too!”

“Me, Too!”

Supplies needed:  Spool of twine or string at least 100ft long for each group of 8-10 ladies

Notes: If your group is larger than 10, you’ll want to break up into smaller groups of 8-10 people.

“Me, Too!”  is the signature Strings Attached activity.  I use this activity to start just about every retreat or workshop I do.  It is the perfect way to get a group to open up and start talking about themselves while learning how much they have in common with each other.  Remember, the focus is to share little tidbits of information about yourself.

Give each group a spool of string. Choose someone to start by telling their group something about themselves such as:

  • My favorite color is green.
  • I like to sing in the shower.
  • I have two children.
  • I dip my pizza in ranch dressing.

Once the person with the string says something that applies to another person in the group, that person calls out, “Me, too!” The first person holds on to the end of the string and passes the spool to the other person.  If more than one person has a “me, too” then the string passes to all those people, and ends at the last person to say “me,too.” The person with the ball of spool then says something else about themselves.  In the end, a group will end up with a web of connections.  Have each lady count the number of “me,toos” she had and point out how much the groups have in common with each other.

So what do you think? What’s your favorite icebreaker?

Comment by Midnight, January 20, 2011, and one lucky commenter will win a copy of Group’s Icebreaker’s Galore: The Ultimate Game Guide for Girlfriends.

57 thoughts on “My Favorite Ice Breaker for Women’s Groups

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  2. love it! Our church is too small to separate women’s groups by common demographics, like age/marital status/college/moms, etc., so this kind of activity is a great way to find common interests and make connections when the natural flow of conversation might become stagnant. Thanks!

  3. I work at a psychiatric facility and I recently started a group just for women. They love things like this. It’s so important for them to know that they are connected to one another and that they are not alone. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  4. Oh thank you! We are going on our annual college student beach retreat this weekend and I am desperately seeking an icebreaker! This is the first one I read after I googled and I love it. :). We have a lot of new girls this semester and our guest speaker will talk about valuing one another as sisters in Christ. Perfect!

  5. Thanks for sharing your God given talents….the women at the church I recently joined seem separate in so many ways , so I’m praying and seeking ways to help build the Christian connection that is needed for women, May God continue to lead you as you share with the many women who will search for help!

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  7. I LOVE this and will be doing it at our small volunteers meeting for children’s ministry!!! Thank you…this was just what I was looking for…something simple and something we women could connect with!

  8. So excited about this icebreaker, I am going to use this at our first MOPS meeting for the year. So glad I found this, thank you.

  9. Going to be doing an icebreaker for a Ladies’ Retreat that will involve 5 different churches. This will be a great way for everyone to feel connected!!

  10. Love this idea and plan to use it as a group building exercise for a youth retreat next month. This is exactly what I was looking for.

  11. Please pray for a women’s ministry to start and flourish at Cornerstone Community Church, San Clemente, Ca. I am a new member and if God willing would like to be involved with the icebreakers! Thank you for tips you were blessed with and for sharing. In Christ Love. KAREN

    • Tamara,
      That’s totally ok….makes you unique! I often talk about that as part of the debrief…there always a couple of groups that have moments without “Me, toos.”

      • I know this is an old thread, but I was wondering if you could expand on what they should do if nobody replies “me too”. Do they just state another fact until someone else has that in common? We will be doing this activity tomorrow night at our first women’s gathering, Lord willing.

      • So sorry that I didn’t get to this until now! I very seldom find folks without “Me,too’s”” and if I do, then I ask questions that can help folks relate to the original statement. If that doesn’t work, then yes, I have them move on to another statement.

  12. We are having a ladies fun night in one week and we will be having a “Gong show” talent show..(Just a goofy, funny talent show that the lady in charge stressed that it isn’t “real” talent. Just fun stuff to make people laugh. I am in charge of the games for the night. I am very excited to do this one. I am going to search more on your site and see if I can find more. I help with youth and I do a lot of different games with them, but women of all ages is a whole different ballgame and it has been tough for me to find things. Thank you for being so willing to share.

  13. Thank you so much. I will be using this idea with my Girl Scouts for our first meeting. I was looking for an ice breaker that all ages can participate. This sounds great!!!

  14. Thank you for sharing. I live in mount isa Australia and will be starting a women’s group (indigenous) and will be using it at our first meeting. I work for a homeless team in the outback.

  15. Thanks for sharing your icebreaker ideas! I’m a pastors wife and I’m going to be speaking at our regional planning conference on the importance of friendships within our region with each (all pastors wives) other! I’m hoping this will really show them how much we really do have in common!!!

  16. I did this as a mid year relationship deepening activity with the teen mops group I coordinate. It quickly went from I love tea, to I’ve been depressed, I’ve cut before. It was a night of great transparency and surprises. Great activity, it really showed everyone we all struggle with the same things

  17. I love your game…im going to use it at a womens retreat…Thank you for sharing your gift…
    May God Bless you over and over..
    T. Baker😊

  18. I lead a co-ed (Male and Female) Bible Study group and I am excited to try this tomorrow on our study on “Friendship (Fellowship) & Community”. This exercise seems like a great idea to try for ANY group. =) Thanks for sharing.

  19. I was praying for an activity to start out our Women’s Retreat and needed it right away! Praise God I found your post! This will be perfect! We are part of a small church and one would think that the ladies would get to know each other easily. But, there are divisions between those who have been at the church a long time and those who are newer, between town people and country people, between the various age groups… As the pastors wife, I know most of the ladies fairly well. I yearn for them to get past their differences (perceived and real) and to be able to see each other for who they are – beautiful women that God has brought together in one church family for a purpose. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your prize activity with the rest of us.

  20. Wow! This is wonderful! I will probably use this for the Good News Club I co-teach at an elementary school with two older ladies who have been teaching for many years. As God leads me further and further into ministries of one kind or another I will probably use this many times! Thank you soooo much for giving up yourself at God’s behest to share for his kingdom! Did you invent this? It is aaawwwwesome!

  21. Hello in 2011 a sister used this at a church of Christ ‘Ladies’ Day program Ice-breaker and we all that played loved it and to this day I still do. It was the first thing I thought of when asked to plan an icebreaker for our July 28th Ladies Day program. I want you to know I claim not to be the inventor or creator of your game but a lover of it. Do you mind if I use it. Our theme is: “I AM A DAUGHTER OF A KING LIVING THE ROYAL LIFE”1 Peter 2: 9,10. The commonality is that we all are connected in Christ as daughters of a King as one but we are also connected in our individual daily lives and differences. Thank you in advance

    • Please do! I can’t say I invented it specifically, since it was developed in collaboration with my one of my business partners at Bulletproof Teams. I can’t remember which one of us came up with the concept, but I definitely developed into the relationship ice breaker that it is in this form..

  22. This sounds so neat! I’m wanting to try this for our ladies banquet this weekend. A couple questions (because I’m a detail person) what happens if there are no “me too”s and about how long do you let it last , or how many rounds do you go?! Thanks!

    • Rebecca, I’m so glad you’re trying this out! It’s an amazing exercise! As to your questions, you’ll find that there are remarkably few times where there is no “me too.” That said, if it should happen, I always comment with a “wow! That’s super cool!” Aand have that person try again. I generally go until there is a good sized web built up in the middle and everyone has at least one connection to the group.

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