Upgrade Your Spirit- Knowing by Heart

I hope that you have already begun this with us.  This journey into Scripture memorization. It’s been a little scary at times.  My fear of failure or of letting someone down (who will I let down by memorizing scripture, really?) has plagued me throughout the past couple of weeks creating an ongoing dialogue in my  head about the efficacy of this discipline.  I must be doing something right. This practice is vehemently opposed.

If you grew up in Awana or in Sunday School, you are no stranger to scripture memory.  I didn’t.  I heard the phrase “to hide it in my heart,” from my children.  Conviction comes to me in the form of children’s quiet questions and wise smiles at times.  My babies, they memorize God’s word for Awana, and they memorize God’s word for school, and they memorize God’s word to speak blessing over their spiritually ill-educated Mama when she needs to hear from the Lord and is too weak to seek it.  They are God’s greatest blessing to me.

I started to seek out passages to memorize last year when starting the practice of reserving “quiet time” for God.  I found that repeating a Bible passage over and over again became the metronome for prayer, starting out as the focus, but fading into the background after a few moments.  Then these words became blessings to me in times of crisis.  Apparently I am not alone in this.

“Personally, I regret the fact that I know so few prayers and psalms by heart. Often I need a book to pray, and without one I tend to fall back on the poor spontaneous creations of my mind. Part of the reason, I think, that it is so hard to pray ‘without ceasing’ is that few prayers are available to me outside church settings.  Yet I believe that prayers which I know by heart could carry me through very painful crises.  The Methodist minister Fred M orris told me how Psalm 23 had carried him through the gruesome hours in the Brazilian torture chamber and had given him peace in his darkest hour. And I keep wondering which words I can take with me in the hour when I have to survive without books. I fear that in crisis situations I will not have to depend on my own unredeemed ramblings and not have the word of God to guide me.” –Henri Nouwen

You can still join us.  We are memorizing the entire book of Ephesians over the course of the next 7 months.  You can read about how to make a Scripture Memory book here and why we are embarking on this journey here.

Lord, help me to learn your word. Help me to hide it deep within my heart. Help me to let it soak in and help me to let it spill out Love over everyone I touch. Guide me with Your word, Lord. Amen

What passages bring you comfort through the difficult times in your life?

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