Gratitude is the best birthday present…

Wow!  A whole year has passed! What’s even crazier than that? November 20 marked the one year anniversary of Strings Attached Ministries on the web! Insane that time has flown by so quickly!

So much has changed, grown, and blossomed this past year it’s difficult to believe it all. I thank you for all of the prayers, guidance, support and love you have poured into this ministry and to me over the past year!

I won’t be posting much over the next few days as I will be off celebrating my life with my family! My husband has an AWESOME day planned for us on Saturday…an Improv workshop with Second City and then tickets to the Second City Dysfunctional Holiday Revue after! As an additional bonus we get to spend the day with our beloved Sock Monkeys– the comedy improv troupe that Charlie and I perform with.  I am so excited!

So I just wanted to spread a little gratitude as my birthday present to you…thank you so much!

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