December- Time for an Upgrade?

Recently, a close friend of mine asked if I would participate as a guest expert in spiritual transformation in a 7 week telecourse called “Upgrade Your Life.”  The hour long interview on upgrading your spirit was a wonderful vehicle for putting the core Strings Attached spiritual disciplines down in a deliverable way.

So in an effort to begin next year in a deeper relationship with our God than we left this one, I declare December is Upgrade Your Spirit month.  All month we will be discussing the spiritual disciplines that deepen relationship with God.  I am super excited about this series, mostly because God has laid so much on my heart recently to share with you and, in doing so, soak in myself.  I hope you will join me on this journey.

So where do we start? I, of course, have some ideas, but I would really like to hear yours.  Won’t you leave a comment and share them with this community?

2 thoughts on “December- Time for an Upgrade?

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