An Apology and a New Strategy

As I sit here at Einstein Bros, creating my strategic plan for Strings Attached Ministries for 2011, I am thinking about the reason I started this site and about what it has become.

Interesting, the journeys we take through this world and how, so often, the picture that we create so clearly in our minds is very rarely the final destination.  Perhaps it is a stop on the journey, or perhaps you find yourself going in an entirely different direction altogether.  I feel like this website has been a reflective extension of the journey that I and Strings Attached Ministries have been on.

Started in July 2009, Strings Attached Ministries is a retreat and speaking ministry. It is a relationship building ministry, but it has also in the course of that time, become a healing and restoration ministry.  And that part is completely unexpected.

My original intent for this website was for it to be two-fold in its purpose:

1)      A landing page and online home for people to learn more about this ministry


2)      a resource for women’s ministry leaders to help with planning and executing retreats and women’s events.

As I review the strategic plan for last year I feel that this site has very much fulfilled the first part of its purpose, but is severely lacking in the second. There are many reasons that it gravitated from that second purpose, but I think the one that stands out for me is rather difficult to admit.

I didn’t want to give you resources because what I really wanted you to do is hire me to come and be your facilitator. I wanted to be your resource.

All that fills so icky to say out loud, but it is simply, transparently, the truth. I am sorry and as I move into this new year, I am committing to doing things differently.

You see, I have a message to share with you and I have been gifted by God to be able to share that message effectively with others.  I have developed exercises and activities to help drive home that message and enable people from all walks of life to wear it home but,  I have selfishly held onto these and, in doing so, failed to provide many of you with what you are looking for.

So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving and sharing of our gifts with others, I am committing to fulfill the second purpose of this site in 2011.  There will be more free resources- icebreakers, exercises, and anecdotes- shared. I will also be working on developing a “Retreat in a Box” format, look for that to come out Summer of 2011.  More video clips will be posted, as well as DVDs and CDs of presentations given.  Check out the Resources section for a link to some of my favorite retreat planning resources. Please, always know I am available to you as a resource and sounding board.  Feel free to email me your questions, and your ideas or to comment here. Strings Attached word for 2011 is “Value.”  That is what I want to provide to you.  To do that, I need your help…

what is it that you most need?

So look for the first post next week on my favorite ice breakers.  If you have some you would like to share, email me or include them in the comments.  As an incentive, one lucky commenter will receive an autographed copy of my book, Living Life with Strings Attached.

2 thoughts on “An Apology and a New Strategy

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