Living Water

The grass under my feet crunches like a freshly opened bag of potato chips.  It’s a great sound for chips to make, but really kind of sad sound for your front lawn.  Not at all the sound I had dreamed of when I envisioned running through the yard barefoot. Right now it’s like running barefoot through a straw bale- all itchy and crunchy and stiff….ICK!!!

We’ve even been watering. Using that precious resource from the spicket and raining down life from a little tractor sprinkler that uses the hose to move slow and  rhythmically across the lawn. But man-made life just doesn’t get deep enough- doesn’t quite quench the thirst or bring full health.

And then ….

Gray clouds roll in and cool winds cut the heat.  The evening sky lights up and flashes like a disco club. Heaven opens up and rains REAL life down on my dry and crunchy grass.

I am greeted with green this morning.  In one evening, God poured out his life on the land and then life, awakening and growth moves in.

Are you dry grass today?

In this crazy, hectic, quiet-starved world we live in are we spending too much time seeking man-made sources of life?  Of happiness? Of success?

The problem with the hose water is that it’s not real water.  It’s not the way God intended it to be for the grass.  It’s been stripped and filtered and added to by man.  It doesn’t fulfill a plant’s requirements for life.

Just like a plant needs God’s water to survive and thrive, so do we.  We need vitality straight from the Great Provider in order to truly grow, especially in times of drought. We need pure, unfiltered, un-“enriched” water straight from God – through his Holy Word and through the words we hear when we get quiet and still and listen for his voice.

If you seek His nourishment, you will find awakening, growth and life to the full.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”- John 10:10

How do you seek the living water God provides?

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