Guest Post- You’re going to be okay

My dear friend, Holley Gerth, wrote this and it speaks so to my heart these days. I pray it will speak to yours.  She has a prayer list going in the comment section of her blog today, won’t you stop by and pray for the ladies there and share your heart as well?

I’m thinking of you this evening,

thinking of all of us,Doorway photo by Wolfgang Staudt (flickr creative commons)

and how insecurity can chase us

but God whispers instead–

“Stop, rest, come.

Let me hold you close.

Let me tell you what your heart needs to hear…

You’re enough because I’ve promised you all you need.

You belong because I’ve chosen you.

You’re beautiful because I made you.

You’ve got a purpose because I’m directing your life.

You’re secure because I’ve got you–

and I’ll never let you go.”

I may not know what waits for you this week but I know the One who will be with you every moment and I’m asking Him to give you all your heart needs most.

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