National Day of Encouragement

Last week, the awesome ladies at (In)Courage sent me a pack of the BEST CARDS EVER and all they asked in return was for me to use one of these cards to encourage someone else and then post about it.  Well, I hope that the card I sent encouraged, it was my favorite of the pack, and when I saw it, I immediately thought of her.

“Not everyone can do what you can do.

Not everyone can handle things the way you can.

While you wonder sometimes if you’re doing ok…

the rest of us are just watching in


I sent this card to my sister (I hope I don’t ruin any surprises)…when I saw it, I just thought of her and all the struggles that she and her new family are working to overcome.

But I see her. I see her brave face in the midst of difficult situations. I see her “mama bear” instinct fight for her new children. I see her tirelessly support her new husband. And I see her love….wow, do I see her love.  It’s awe-inspiring, really…

But it hasn’t been easy for her….in fact, it’s been hard…really hard…and I see that, too…And I sit in wonder at her calm under fire.

This card was perfect for her…I knew when I saw it who I would send it to.  I filled it full of words of wonder and praise and prayers and sent it away with the hope that for a moment she will see what I see.

Thank you (In)Courage for these beautiful cards!

10 thoughts on “National Day of Encouragement

  1. I stopped by through your (in)courage link and think it’s wonderful that you’ve sent your sister an encouraging card. The card pack was a blessing to receive and to send on to others.

  2. I’m over from (in)courage and Amen, and Amen!

    I haven’t sent that card out yet, but, like you, I know exactly who I’m sending it to. Prayers for your sister and all that she’s handling. May God’s grace pour down!

    P.S. I sent the one that stuck out to me to my sister too…and I was worried about it being a surprise but then I just was like, I don’t care. HA!) 😉 And yes, they are the best cards ever!! 😉 Have a great day! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Cari, thanks for stopping by to read my (in)courage encouragement post! It’s so incredible to see the impact the cards are having, isn’t it? Also, what a valuable resource you offer to women! Thank you for what you do!

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