Guest Post- Living Life with Others

This post was written by a word sister, Sarah Markley at The Best Days of My Life.  She sums up perfectly why relationships are so important to us.  I hope you are blessed!

I spend a lot of time creating relationships. In fact, it might be my most time consuming endeavor.

I take my daughters to the park and sit in the grass with them. We play with little dolls and horses and make houses with sticks. I chase them and look at their artistic masterpieces with wood and blades of grass. We are creating relationship.

We hire a babysitter and check the movie times so that my husband and I can go out on a date. We try to recreate life before kids for a couple short hours but we ending up talking mostly about the kids anyway. Relationship.

Invite friends over for game night, let people sleep in our home, walk into a church building on a Sunday morning without knowing a soul. Why do we do all of these things? To create relationship.

My to do list looks something like this:

Most of my items have something to do with people and maintaining or progressing relationships. It’s all about people!! {minus the school uniform and clean playroom references}

I write and check Twitter and interact on blogs; in it’s own odd way this is creating relationships too. I offer to watch a friend’s baby for the evening so she and her husband can have a night out. This is creating relationship.

Why do we make this our full time job? Why do I make this my full time job?

I think we were all created to be in forever relationship with one another but that because of sin, we’ve been broken. Once upon a time.

And then as a result, our initial desires and inclinations for relationship have been twisted and smashed. Jesus came both to reconcile us to Himself and to reconcile us to each other. He came to put us all back together again.

Broken things fixed.

Broken people make whole.

Broken relationships healed.

So when I engage in creating relationship, especially in broken places, it’s like I’m helping in Jesus’ reconciliation process.  Making new friends. Keeping old ones. Playing with and engaging my girls — it’s all a part of God’s plan to re-establish us to each other.

And it’s so much better than living life alone.

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