Swim For the Light

Now that's some murky water...(Note to all animal lovers...this is NOT our tank!)

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Ever noticed how fish in a murky fish tank radiate to the top of the tank when the light is turned on? Perhaps it is some sort of Pavlovian response, maybe they think they will be fed (ha! Fat chance in our house! Usually I just turn on the light to make sure they are still living!), but maybe they are swimming for the Light.

I think we are like those fish in that yucky tank. Day after day we spend our lives immersed in a world full of filth, some of us so used to it that we don’t notice it anymore, but no matter who we are, or where we are in our walk with Christ we all notice the Light when it is shining. And we all swim to it in one way or another, some just get turned around on the way.

What makes us different than those fish though is that we aren’t fish. We weren’t created to swim in murky water. We were created to live in the Light…to BE the Light. We need AIR to breathe. Clean, glorious, Light-filled air. And you know where that is? It’s not in the midst of the murky water. It’s not in the little artificial reef hidey hole at the bottom of the tank, it’s not even at the base of the filter where the freshest water is. It’s at the surface, where the Light is.

Jesus turned the Light on, y’all, and He’s waiting up there for us to break through the surface and get a gulp full of His precious air. I’m breaking through, swimming for the Light! You coming with me?

What breath of fresh air did God give you today? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear it!

10 thoughts on “Swim For the Light

  1. Very good point…it is easy to get comfortable in the filth of this world. I read a comment recently: Would you let Jesus use your iPod? Interesting concept…

  2. I was just thinking about light…I love the verse (Ps. 36:9) “in Your light we see light…” I’ve been pondering the meaning of that one for the last couple of days. Your post today makes me think something’s up! Must be a message I’m suppposed to hear.

  3. That’s great! For the past weeks I’m being reminded who actually has the reigns in my life. When I don’t understand I can rest in knowing my precious Lord has a plan. And I trust Him. Why do we tend to want to fight His plans in our lives? I’m so glad He is in control.

  4. I am just now reading through some of my recent comments on my blog, and wanted to make sure to come and read your beauty post. I love what you had to say!

    Thank you SO much for sharing the stained glass window story, I am going to link to it on my facebook page! I am following your blog now, and look forward to getting to know you better!

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